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Direct Google Analytics Integration

We’ve been granted SPECIAL access to Google Analytics to help you track your stats even further. Here's just a few things we can now do:

  • Real Time Analytics

    Real Time Analytics

    We’ve worked with Google to bring ShopiMetrics REAL TIME analytics to help you monitor your stores conversions and peak times of your website.

  • Advanced Stats

    Advanced Stats

    Inside of ShopiMetrics you can have entire detailed analytics for your entire store from start to finish and you'll know EXACTLY what needs to be changed for maximum conversions.

Connect all your account into ShopiMetrics
Connect all your account into ShopiMetrics
Connect all your account into ShopiMetrics

Adaptive Analytics

State of the art ‘smart’ analytical tracking technology that tracks your customers lifetime spend, your product costs, sale price and calculates EVERY possible outcome for your product to let you determine if its a LONG TERM winner or SHORT TERM winner so you can scale rapidly.

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Smart Forecasting to Dramatically Increase Profits

  • Automatic Conversions

    Automatic Conversions

    ShopiMetrics automatically tells you to increase or decrease your ad spend and or product costs to hit your desired profit margins. Once the platform links up with your shop, let us do the rest.

  • Advanced Stats

    Conversion Tracking

    ShopiMetrics automatically links up with Facebook to automatically pick up your conversion data and automatically let you know if you have a winning campaign on your hands.

  • Advanced Stats

    Product testing

    With ShopiMetrics product testing will be the EASIEST part of your store process. You can finally find which products are you winners and which ones are going to fail before you spend THOUSANDS on testing.

Smart Forecasting to Dramatically Increase Profits

Since You’ve Been Reading

Since you’ve been reading we’ve been calculating how much we’ve helped our members earn just by using ShopiMetrics. Not only are is ShopiMetrics PROVEN to help store owners MAKE MONEY but we are proud to say that we even help store owners SAVE money on testing.


Money Made Since You’ve Been Reading

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